Sunday, 27 June 2010

The WTFSexFact Team


Our resident conspiracy theorist. Tries to keep the account on-topic.  Usually posts the history facts. Also does the word meanings and the fetish and philia tweets. Big Lord WTF? is the one most likely to follow up a tweet with additional information. Very serious person. Knows as much about the occult and symbolism as he does sex. Raised by witches. A dangerous opponent! 


The woman who put the 'itch' in Bitch. She usually posts the more user friendly sex facts, like vagina and penis facts. She's possibly the better known member of the team. The one who posts the funny one-liners and likes Tokio Hotel.  Calls the followers "gang".  But can have a tongue like a razor and cuts deep when she lashes out. She can destroy somebody with a single tweet.


The gay one!  Tries to make the account as random as possible, so you never know what is coming next. Definately the most extreme member of the team.  Lady WTF?'s younger brother. The only member of the team who argues back and blocks people.  This is the guy who posts all the shock tweets, porn links and does the "weeding out the weak".  As evil as he is perverted. As perverted as he is decadent. The brains behind WTFSexSecrets and OMGBitchCraft (when he's not being a lazy fuck and actually doing it). Fancies himself as the next Perez Hilton.


  1. Collectively, I like what you are all doing!

  2. i LOVE it :] and i love the entire project.

  3. You make it all more fun and less embarrassing <3 Thanks :D