Wednesday, 23 June 2010

10 Most Dangerous Places To Have Sex

This is a list of the ten most dangerous places to have sex based on the number of injuries from sex reported to doctors and where the patient was doing it at the time.

1. Sofa
2. Stairs
3. Car
4. Shower
5. Bedroom
6. On a chair
7. Kitchen table
8. Garden
9. Toilet
10. In a work cupboard

1. Pulled muscle
2. Injured back
3. Carpet burns
4. Cricked neck
5. Bashing elbows / knees
6. Bruised shoulder
7. Twisted knee
8. Sprained / strained wrist
9. Sprained / strained ankle
10. Bending fingers back

1 comment:

  1. I has sex on a tennis court and was on top and rubbed two holes in the top of my feet and now it scarred and looks like I have the stigmata.