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Since their creation in early 2010, 'WTF? Sex Facts', our blog, Twitter account and Formspring account have become, almost, a "pop-culture movement", as somebody described us. We have many influential followers, including famous actors, actresses, musicians, internet celebrities, writers, TV presenters, radio-hosts, porn directors, producers and actors, and entrepreneurs. We're still growing rapidly and have just added a MySpace, Youtube Channel and Facebook account to our network of sites.

Due to the number of followers we have on Twitter, we have found the various advertising sites are charging too much for people to advertise with us. For example, the 'Ad.Ly' website prices our tweets on Twitter at over $100 per tweet. This has led to smaller websites and companies not being able to afford to advertise with us. Most of the ads we have been getting are from larger companies and are usually off-topic for our accounts. We plan to change that as of now.

We would like to offer people with a website/blog, product or service that lends itself to the themes of our websites the opportunity to advertise on our blog/Twitter and reach our audience for as little as $10.00 per blog Ad or Tweet.

Below you will find a list of prices and additional information for Ads on our blog and our Twitter. First, here are our rules:

  1.  People read our blog and follow our Twitter for sex related posts and tweets. Your advertisement should be on this theme. Examples: Sex-related websites/blogs, online-shops, mail-order services, sex toys, lingerie, STD-testing, erotica and even porn are what we are looking for.
  2. If you are advertising on our blog, you must provide us with a BANNER or an AD, depending on what advertising option you choose. This can be just a picture, as we are able to place links behind your picture ourselves, which will take people to your website when it is clicked.
  3. You must provide a link to your website/blog. If you wish to monitor clicks yourself, shorten your link using a website like 'Bit.Ly' and send us that shortened link instead to place behind your ad or in your tweet.
  4. If you are advertising on our Twitter, we can write the tweet for you or you can write the tweet yourself. If you are an online-shop or a blogger writing sex articles, your best bet is to link to the best or most unusual thing you are selling or have written, as this would be of interest to our audience. Interesting items and articles are popular with our readers and followers.
  5. At present, we can only accept PayPal as a payment method. Your ad or tweet is posted once payment is received. Once you have decided how you want to advertise with us, contact us by email at to discuss further.

Special Offer: $10.00 per tweet.


We only offer this service on our Twitter background. It is our highest-priced ad. We only accept small ads that can be tiled across the whole Twitter background. We charge $100 per week for this.


Please see the chart below, which shows where our ad spaces are located on our blog and what we charge per week for each ad. If there is already an ad in the space you want, still contact us as it may be an affiliate banner, which can be removed to make way for your ad. If it is a genuine ad, we will let you know when the particular space will next be available.  All blog ads come with one or two free tweets to draw attention to them, depending on which ad space you take. One your week expires, your website is automatically put on our links list. Our Twitter traffic is redirected to our blog many times a day, as many of our tweets are about items we have posted on the blog.