WTF? Sex Secrets is a collection of around 1500 sex secrets sent to us anonymously by visitors to our website. During 2010, we received over 10,000 and this book is, in our opinion, the very best, including more than 1000 previously unseen secrets. This book is strictly adults only and the secrets lean towards the more unusual side of sex. Do not buy it if you are easily offended.

We can currently offer you the book through Lulu and Amazon. The Lulu edition is a PDF file, which can be opened and read on most PCs/Laptops and also a lot of ebook readers on phones. The Amazon edition can be read on Kindle and, by downloading their free Kindle Apps (links below), you can also read the Kindle edition on PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and Blackberry. We can't offer the title through the iBookstore because of their notorious 'Questionable Content' policy.

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