Monday, 28 June 2010

A Few Questions For Our Followers

Just a few questions for our followers, which you can answer here or on Twitter. Just to give us a little feedback on a few things. We'll think about your answers over the next month.

1)  As you probably know, we have a book version of our WTFSexSecrets on the way. The formspring is only one of the ways which we have been using to collect the secrets and we have many previously unseen.  For legal reasons, we also have to edit a small few of the secrets we put up. The question is: for the book version, do you think it would be a better idea to tidy the secrets up - spelling, etc - or leave them exactly how they are when they are sent to us?

2)  Would you like us do a LGBT twitter account also? I know there are already a lot of those, but we would, of course, approach this in our own unique style.

3)  Should we change our name from WTFSexFacts to something else? When we first started we tweeted just five facts a day. Gradually, we extended to other things, such as news, articles, etc. People who have been with us from the beginning know what to expect. Other people seem to have difficulty getting with the swing of things.  It is worth pointing out that most of our tweets that get retweeted aren't the facts. Just a thought.

4)  Finally, would it bother people if we tweeted some of our earlier facts again for newcomers? We get about 1000 new followers a week who haven't seen many of our earlier facts. Some take the time to go through. We would limit it to one or two a day, so the newcomers can catch up. We are occasionally doing this anyhow. We would still tweet new material.

Thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to reply.


  1. 1. Tidy them up. Otherwise, potential readers might be turned off or annoyed by all the spelling/grammar mistakes.
    2. No. There's no reason to isolate the LGBT community anymore than it already is. Your twitter is LGBT friendly and I think it's a positive thing that it represents all degrees of sexuality while still appealing to people who don't identify as LGBT.
    3. No. Your tweets are too eclectic to fit a complete description into 32 characters [or however long names are allowed to be] but you're still primarily based around sex facts. Maybe you should just put a disclaimer in the description that the staff actually have personalities and will be tweeting more than strictly facts. ;) Unless you change the focus of your twitter, I don't see the use in changing your name.
    4. Tweet away.

  2. 1. As said above, please fix the spelling mistakes, it really would ruin the ease of reading if they're left as is.
    2. Again, as said above, no need. I'm sure most people who follow and keep following WTFSexFacts on Twitter can stand a bit of exposure to LBGT content.
    3. Keep the name, we're used to it by now. :D
    4. When done in moderation it's all fine and dandy.

  3. Agreed, tidy the spelling and grammar up, I know a lt of people can get frustrated when reading things like that, that are left uncorrected :)

    Definitely keep the name. It's what we all know you as.

    I'm up for old facts being recycled.