Sunday, 2 May 2010

Eyes Wides Shut

Sorry for any typos in this. I typed it really quickly.  There are HUNDREDS of subliminal messages in Eyes Wide Shut, which is why the media collectively went on the rampage to make people not want to see the film. Eyes Wide Shut or EWS is a known occult term, which is used to describe the act of putting something right in front of people's faces and have them not see it because they don't understand what they are looking at. Hidden in plain view. I have detailed some of the more sex-esque subliminals in the post below. But these really are just the tip of the iceburg. The trick to understand Stanley Kubrick is to know that he was making one giant movie and every individual movie he made was just a chapter in the same tale he was trying to tell. He used bestselling books which lent themselves to his themes and changed his genre to reach wider audiences.

For example, Kubrick was a perfectionist film-maker who drove his actors crazy. He once made Ryan O'Neil carry another actor up a flight of stairs 100 times, before scrapping the footage. Yet, in The Shining, this perfectionist film maker left deliberate techninal flaws which "coincidentally" happen to be the exact same flaws conspiracy theorists point out as evidence the moon landing footage was faked.  2001: A Space Odyssey was of course ground-breaking as it was shot with a futuristic lens loaned to Kubrick by NASA. No surprise then, that Danny Lloyd, the little boy in the Shining, is wearing a hand-knitted jumper with the Apollo space rocket on it when the ball rolls out of nowhere towards him. The camera focuses on it as he walks to investigate. Did Kubrick film the moon landings? Was he lying on his back in the desert when Armstrong takes his leap for mankind the same way he was lying on his back in the making of the Shining to film Jack Nicholson locked in the store room.  

1)  The ritual sex scene in Eyes Wide Shut was not invented by Stanley Kubrick. It is an actual ancient occult ritual called Heiros Gamos. The centrepiece of the ritual invovles a man dancing around with a giant phallus, which, funnily enough was filmed for another Kubrick film called A Clockwork Orange. Alex dances with a giant penis with which he kills the 'Cat Woman'.

2)  During the orgy scene, you see women in a circle surrounding a man in a golden mask with a red cloak. When the women break off from the circle, one of them walks over to Tom Cruise. The camera focuses on her breasts.  Tom Cruise is famous for being a short actor.  When the woman reaches him, she stands face to face with him in an unnatural looking shot. This is to let you know that, even in high-heels, she is not much taller than him. Now watch the scene again. Instead of looking at her breasts, look at the row of people she passes by. Some of them don't even come to her shoulder height. They're meant to be children.

3)  One of the guests at the party wears a mask of Queen Victoria's face. Queen Victoria was the first ever female Mason. She is believed to have indirectly ordered the murders of prostitutes in London, led by Dark Annie, who were blackmailing the Royal family. The killing became known as the 'Jack the Ripper' killings and even experts acknowledge that the killings were carried out by more than one person with expert knowledge of medical procedures.

4)  At the party in the begining of the film, two models ask Tom Cruise if he would like to "go where the rainbow ends".  When Cruise later visits the costume shop, he encounters the shop owner who is pimping his underaged daughter.  The costume shop is called 'Under The Rainbow'. This is all to do with the Wizard of Oz books written by master mason L. Frank Baum. Many victims of mind control, including the famous cases like Brice Taylor claim The Wizard of Oz books and later the movie were used in the mind control of children to become sex slaves. The yellow brick road being a golden path to the emerald city, based on the emerald tablets of Thoth, currently being used to promote the book 'The Secret' about the law of attraction. Basically it means, if you take the golden path, you'll be led to the palace of wisdom and be enlightened. How do you enlighten somebody? Well, you tell them something they didn't know. The scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man, each lacking something, represent the trinity or three stages of enlightenment. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album, which shows a single white light going into a prism and coming out the otherside as a rainbow was intended as an alternate soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.

5) Cruise visits the home of a prostitute, but doesn't sleep with her. He later learns she was HIV positive. Her name is Domino, which symbolises 'The Domino Effect'. If you look at her roommates jacket, it has the Freemasons symbol on the lapels. All of the books on the shelves of Dominoes apartment are about population control and eugenics.

Every film Stanley Kubrick made featured the number 666 quite visibly. Kubrick's most famous film is 2001: A Space Odyssey, which the Vatican have on their list of religious films. According to the technical script of 2001, there are 666 camera shots. Each time the monolith appears, which was scripted as a pyramid, it remains on screen for 666 seconds. Stanley Kubrick died 666 days before the year 2001.

All the information in the post is checkable. Use your eyes. :¬)


  1. sorry. whats the point of all this if ur just going tell ppl to check it themselves. why noy give proof?

    and this is just some Kubrick conspiracy stuff, not anything to do with sex.

  2. You've missed the point entirely. The above was a small selection, by request from many of my 25,000 followers for information regarding subliminals in Eyes Wide Shut. The WHOLE film is a subliminal. That's what the film is about. That's why it took Kubrick the best part of 25 years to plan it out. And, as Kubrick himself said, if you tell people, the information loses it's impact on them. Best to give a few tips and let them discover for themselves. Eyes Wide Shut is an intelligence test and considering it is about astrol-theology and sex religions, I would say it has plenty to do with sex.