Wednesday, 19 May 2010

6 Tokio Hotel Sex Facts

1)  Tom Kaulitz told Blick magazine that his brother Bill's penis was bigger than his.

2)  Gustav once returned to his hotel room to find a naked fan already in his bed.

3)  Bill says Zimmer 483 (Room 483) doesn't mean 4 people, 8 eyes, 3 members and does not refer to Georg, Tom and Gustav losing their virginity to the same girl.

4)  Tom once joked that his brother's hairstyle was inspired by Georg's pubic hair.

5)  Tom and Bill have actually been handed envelopes by fans containing twincest fan fiction involving them.  They found it amusing.

6)  Tom, Bill and Gustav all sleep in their underwear. Georg admits to sleeping naked.


  1. Someone should clarify quickly that that pic is photoshopped before we get some angry mothers in here, lmao.