Wednesday, 7 April 2010

STARS and Tattoos

Most people never question the origination of everyday things, such as names and words, etc. For example, ask somebody what day it is today, and they will more than likely tell you it is Wednesday. This is a demonstration of exoteric knowledge. Ask the same person: why is it Wednesday? Why do we call the days of the week the names we call them? Very few would be able to answer off the top of their heads, despite using these words nearly all of their spoken lives. Those who can tell you are demonstrating esoteric knowledge, which is more commonly called occult knowledge. Occult means hidden.

Another example is stars. Why do we draw stars the way we do? When is the last time you looked up in the night sky and saw the shape we commonly draw as stars twinkling? Like NEVER! So, why do we draw a star that shape?

It's to do with the planet Venus, which the Romans called 'Lucifer'. The morning star. Every eight years, it's movement draw a pentagram in space. This isn't conspiracy, of course, it is scientific fact.


Star tattoos are very common within the gay and lesbian community. I noticed it began in the porn industry first with a lot of porn stars having the black outline star tattoo and a lot of men who liked the porn stars following fashion. I actually had one myself until I discovered what it meant and I paid to have it removed, because I felt the symbolism being used by the gay community of which I was a part was not being orchestrated by the gay community. Once you start to look into the symbolism and where it originates and what it means, it arouses one's suspicions.  An, no, I'm not saying that all gays are 'luciferians'. The vast majority of gay people don't fully understand the symbolism that is common within the gay community. They just follow fashion, but who dictates the fashion and to what ends. Would it surprise you that the vast majority of  Christians who associate gays and lesbians with the devil use the same symbols we know and lovee as evidence against us.


  1. Does this mean Bill Kaulitz has a chance of being gay? :O

  2. I think everybody has a chance of being gay or bisexual. Bill Kaulitz isn't gay unless he says he is himself. He says he is straight, until he says otherwise, I'd believe him.

    After all, everybody was 100% convinced that Taylor Hanson was gay. He's married with children now.