Thursday, 8 April 2010

An Open Letter To Our Genuine WTFSexFacts Followers And Also To Our Tweet Stealing Cock Juggling Thunder Cunts

WTFSexFacts was created to share facts that are to be published in more detail in our forthcoming book. Rather than being a cold, bot-like account, we always intended WTFSexFacts to have personality and to discuss our tweets with our followers.

We have no problem with our followers retweeting our tweets.  Most people who follow us are normal everyday people, who like to discuss our tweets with their friends and retweet the ones they discuss. They also like to ask us questions about the tweets.  When we tweet and we get many people asking the same questions, it is easier for us to follow up the tweet with additional information and comments than it is to answer the same question in individual @ mentions over and over again.

A lot of people with sex related businesses, like to add a few of our tweets to their Twitter feeds to help make their account interesting to potential customers. We have no problem with this either. In fact, we have even mentioned a lot of your businesses in our 'Shout Outs'.

It is NOT OKAY, however, to create near carbon copies of our account for the sole purpose of building up a huge following, so you can shepherd them like sheep, to your business or increase your reach so that you can make money from ads or sponsored tweets. Especially without giving us credit for being the originators of those tweets.  When people on Twitter notice accounts doing this and call them on it, it is NOT OKAY to tell those people that it is us who are doing the copying. Did it not occur to you that each tweet is time and date stamped? Do you really think the people calling you out as copycats don't know where they have seen these tweets first? 

Put yourself in our shoes. We have people calling us copycats daily.  Some people have even unfollowed us saying that other accounts are better. Hmmm? These accounts are better at tweeting our tweets than we are at tweeting our own tweets. Makes sense.

Twitter censored us from TopTweets. Yet, two accounts that use our tweets were allowed to stay on Top Tweets on the main Twitter page, which increased their follow count hugely. So, according to Twitter, it is okay for other people to be promoted by being featured on the main Twitter page for posting our tweets, but, for some strange reason, it isn't okay for us to be featured for posting our own tweets? Again, makes sense. Could it be anything to do with the word 'SEX' in our name? I wonder.

People naturally assume the account with the smaller following must be the copycat.

Many of our facts and much of our trivia did not exist on the internet before we tweeted them. Of course, a fact is a fact, but many of our facts come from books that we review and they were not written in fact form. We fashion facts from information. The wording of our tweets is usually original. This is our paid job. If a newspaper or magazine wants an exclusive set of facts on a subject, we provide them. This is why our main researcher was once tooted as 'better than Google'.  We find the facts that nobody else can. Where most other fact website/ accounts just keep the same tired old, out-dated facts in constant loop.

I would also like to say that OMGFacts is NOT one of the accounts that we are accusing. The boy behind OMGFacts is just 16 years old and if he can create a Twitter phenomenon by putting the hard work in, surely other people can. We have every respect for the creator of OMGFacts, because he paved the way for everybody. We've retweeted OMGFacts several times. But we do it the correct way using the RT button.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Well I think WTFSexFacts is great, and my bf always knows there's something funny, bizarre or plain odd about to be said when I start a sentance with "WTFSexFacts just posted..." :)

    Keep on going, guys :)
    LF x

  2. I hate copycats. I really hope I am not supporting them (by following or RT). I will remain a loyal follower to you!!

  3. Well said! I'm always going 2 remain a "loyal" follower as my friends & I enjoy ur tweets! Kudos 4 taking the high road!

  4. I constantly "retweet" your facts on fb to my friends, but I ALWAYS, ALWAYS tag via WTFsexfacts at the end. These copycats should be stopped. You guys should put copyright on your stuff. (:

  5. Yes. I always retweet your facts.their hilarious. :D

  6. You - and your twitter account - rock, and I'm glad I follow you. Shame on those stealing from you without attribution!

    xx Dee

  7. I Love yr Tweets, and I retweet as I sell sex products and my customers LOVE you guys! I d0 in fact give the credit to you!

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