Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sex Fact #516

In 2007, a 50-year-old woman was admitted to hospital with abdominal tenderness, fever, and vaginal bleeding. On examination, it was found that she had "necrosis of the upper wall of the vagina". 

She underwent "explanatory surgery" to find out what had caused a intraabdominal cyctic lesion with variable density and a thick wall" that her CT scans had revealed. Guess what they found?

A plastic bag containing 80g of cocaine.

The patient subsequently acknowledged inserting a plastic bag, containing cocaine, into her vagina 3 months earlier. The bag migrated through the vaginal wall into the abdominal cavity, where it was encapsulated.

That's right! She put a plastic bag of coke in her vagina. FORGOT ABOUT IT! And, over the newxt, 3 months, her body migrated it to the abdominal cavity, from her vagina, where it attempted to seal it up with gunk.

Info Source: The New England Journal of Medicine. Images In Clinical Medicine.

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