Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sex Fact #515

In July of  2009, breast implants saved a woman from a gunshot.  Lydia Carranza was shot by a semi-automatic assault rifle, when a gunman opened fire in a Beverly Hills dentist office.

The breast implants took the force of the blow, shielding her vital organs from the bullet, when the gun was held directly to her heart and fired.

The gunman stormed into the office to shoot his wife, who was killed in the attack before he fired at Mrs Carranza.

Dr Ashkan Ghavami said if it hadn't been for her implants, she might not have survived the bullet.

Lydia, who has three children, underwent breast enlargement surgery some years ago to increase her B-cup to a D-cup.

Jaime Paredes, the alleged gunman, is awaiting trial on charges including murder following the shooting.

Info Source: LA Times

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