Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sex Fact #505

There is a sex-themed amusement park on Cheju Island off the coast of South Korea. Aimed at couples, particularly newly weds, the outdoor park features over 100 giant sculptures.

Following the Korean War, the island became a great place for young lovers to get away from everything. It became favourable particularly for it's warm climate. 

Then 2002 graduates of Seoul's Hongik University were invited to start sculptures that would be placed in the hedonistic park. 

The park, which is intended as, both, a sex and an art experience, is the length of two soccer fields and takes approximately one hour to view all exhibits.

In 2009, an attempt to build one in China failed when the people behind it were ordered to tear the whole thing down half way through contruction because officials didn't like what they were seeing going into it.

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