Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sex Fact #349

After a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus, if sperm is ejaculated inside the vagina, it doesn't really go anywhere and simply comes out again.

Some, of course, will remain in the vagina. These sperms will die and eventuallul be flushed out with vaginal secretions which are designed to keep the area clean.

A woman will notice that, after surgery more sperm will come out than before surgery.  Usually, at least a little of the ejaculate comes out prior to surgery.

If  the cervix is kept, it is possible that some sperm could go inside the cervix, but then it would not have any where to go. Either the inside of the cervix will have been cauterized (to prevent any mini-periods), or it will have been sewn up from the point where the uterus was removed. Think of it like tying a knot in a balloon – then cutting the inflated part off – the inflated part is the uterus, the mouth of the balloon is the cervix. The cervix is open on one side (the vaginal side) and closed off on the other.

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