Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Do Hook-Up Don't Fuck-Up

You will more than likely think this sounds over the top, but with the frequency with which "hooks ups" are getting raped and murdered, you may want to take it into consideration:

1. NEVER meet a person that you haven't seen on webcam. Pictures can be deceiving. The webcam never lies. The picture(s) you think are of the person you plan to meet could be, at best, photoshopped or, at worst, not the person you are meeting at all.

2. Never give your address to the person you are meeting before or on the first meet. This means you should also take your own transportation and not get picked up from your home by this person. If the person stands you up, make sure you're not followed home by anybody. The person you are meeting might be a faker and just out to find out where you live for whatever reason.

3. Write down on a piece of paper any identifying information you have about the person you are meeting, including where you met them online; their username; where you plan to meet them and at what time. Leave this piece of paper under your pillow at home or some place where it could be found if you end up being declared a missing person. In those cases, the person's room is often searched by family, friends or police for clues as to your last movements. It will serve as a lead.

4. Also tell someone where you are going and whom you will be meeting. Arrange a time when you will be calling them to confirm when you're home and safe.

5. You should meet your online hook-up in a busy public place. The best place is a Town Centre, because most have CCTV that can follow your movements.

6. If you feel the person is trying to disguise their appearance, this should set off the warning alarms in your mind. What I mean by this is: hats, dark glasses, or clothes in general that you wouldn't expect the person to be wearing.

7. If you are not just hooking-up for sex, and it is a proper date with no promises, insist on paying your own way and sharing the bill with your date. This is to avoid feeling pressured.

8. If you choose to drink alcohol, be careful. Keep your glass in sight so that you are aware of what you are drinking.

9. If you are hooking-up for sex, go to a hotel. Don't be shy about this. Every hotel is used to pillow trade. Most hotels make a large percentage of their profits from providing rooms to hook-ups and it is also a lot safer. It is better to be pillow trade than funeral parlor trade.

10. Always assume the other person will forget to bring contraceptives and make sure that you have some. Be responsible for your own safety and don't expect somebody else to do that for you.

With all that said, I hope your hook-ups go great!


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