Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Anti-Fart Underwear

Have you ever had the embarrassing experiences of farting in public? Buck Weimer, a Colorado man, has invented the world's first “anti-fart underwear,” which filters your farts so that nobody can smell them.

Weimer's wife suffered inflammatory bowel disease, (Crohn”s Disease) for 30 years and she always kept farting in public.

Weimer made up his mind to research a way to control the smell of her farts, and finally invented the known anti-fart underwear.

The airtight underwear is made from a soft, non-venting nylon fabric. The waist and the side of trousers are sewn with rubber bands. The bottom of the underwear has a replaceable “filter pad” to eliminate the smell. The filter pad is made from carbon, glass fiber and wool fiber, the effect can last for several weeks to months, which depending on the frequency of wear and cleaning.

Anti-fart underwear sells for 24.95 U.S. dollars now, in addition to has super large size for specially for the obesity person. Haven't got a link yet for the actual website that sells them. I'll add it when I find it.

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  1. I'd rather suppress the sound than the smell.