Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cut Or Uncut? That Is The Question.


  1. uncut fags rulez

  2. uncut definetly, theres so many advantages to it for the male and personally i just think it looks cleaner

  3. i don't think it makes a difference..

  4. I don't agree with this picture AT ALL.

    Some people say it is cleaner, but they have apparently not heard of water and soap. If they say it's still not hygienic even if the guy washes himself thoroughly, they're just ridiculous attention seekers unable to do something as simple as googling for scientific information. But I guess uninformed drama has its charm...

    Some people say that comparing it with female 'circumcision (sorry, I don't know how to say it in english)'. But to be honest...I don't see the difference. I agree, the consequences for females are way way worse, but it all starts the same way: kids who do not have a choice 'mutilated' because some parents find it necessary.

    Even for religious purposes I find it absolutely ridiculous! And I know this practice is often done in the US, but if you were to ask people there (non-jewish) why they did it. They wouldn't be able to give a single good answer except for 'everyone else does it'. Yeah...great...

    Some circumcised people wish they never were. Some are very happy they were.

    SO I ASK YOU THIS: Why not let people decide for themselves when they are old enough? If they want to be: fine. If not: fine. But forcing people into something they cannot turn back (unless reconstructive surgery) is out of order and disgraceful, to say the least.

  5. Cut please.
    I want a cock. Not a taquito.

  6. Cut please.

    And heres my reason. . .

    First and for most, it IS cleaner (despite what anyone says). Sure a guy can take the time to pull back the foreskin and clean it with soap and water, but lets face it, not all guys do. In fact a very small percentage does, and that leaves for an incredibly nasty mess tucked under there, and I doubt ANY woman would want some nasty curdled cheese beeing slipped inside of her.

    Besides, every man holds with the "shake" method when pissing, and if its cut, the piss isnt going to get locked away under the foreskin to just sit and ferment.

    Secondly, I have yet to meet anyone (though I'm sure they are out there) in MY life that has wished that his mother never got him circumsized. My husband actually thanked his mom for it. Most parents have it done at birth cause its easier, and while yes, the baby does feel some pain, the doctors DO medicate the area. It PROVEN that babies have VERY short memory span at birth (Do you remember when you were a baby?), and they cannot remember the procedure. It heals within a week.

    My son didn't cry, nor did he show any discomfort at all. My MIL, who is a doctor, insisted on the procedure due to the fact that she didnt want to have to have one more case of an infected penis to deal with. Thats right, she has gotten many men in her office that had infected cocks because they simply didnt pull back that tuft of skin and cleanse the area. A few times she had to suggest a circ just cause of the extint of the infection. And I assure you, while babies cant remember it. . .believe you me. . .an grown man would. Can you guess how many guys shes seen with infected circumsized cocks? None.

    And last but not least. . .NO ONE should have a turtleneck below the belt. Thats just gross.

  7. I think that uncut is pretty hot. And I disagree that its so unhealthy or high risk. Gay guys are a lot cleaner than most hetro guys. They plan on daily oral sex. I am uncut. I have had every person who has been introduced to my penis say how beautiful it is. Let's not forget it is also more sensitive. Which I love.

  8. Wow... I really want to respond, but it's hard to address people's arguments when all the people who've posted are completely ball-less hiding behind an "Anonymous" tag. So instead I'm just going to post a link to a blog post I wrote on the subject a while back.

  9. I hooked up with men with either, and I like them both, but I think I'd prefer uncut. It's been proven they feel more and have better orgasms. I think it all comes down to this: CLEAN. YOUR. JUNK. Cut or not-if it's clean, it's good!!! =)

  10. My man is uncut, keeps his junk clean, and I never had any problems with him. It all comes down to personal hygiene.

    I like them uncut, I can be more playful.