Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Slang Survey

Yesterday, we asked our followers on Twitter: What sexual slang word would you most like to see disappear from the human vocabulary forever? The top ten below are the most common answers given in order of popularity. I've also included a list of all the other words people put forward.

1)    Cunt
2)    Pussy
3)    Twat
4)    Cock
5)    Slut
6)    Cum (spelled like this)
7)    Boned
8)    Fuck
9)    Slit
10)  Jizz

Best of the rest:

Vajayjay, horny, wiener, beaver, banging, fag, tossing salad, tits, camel toe, moist, meat wallet, pet the whale, abstinence, blowjob, douche, bukkake, gash, juicebox, nookie, minge, hanky panky, chode, felching, sausage, ham pocket, baps.

Most common answers given by women:

1)    Cunt
2)    Pussy
3)    Slut

Most common answers given by men:

1)    Cunt
2)    Twat
3)    Cock


  1. Yups ! I said Cunt ! Its effin' offensive !!

  2. Huh - cunt is one of my favourite words, when it's used to describe my genitals (when used as an insult I am less enamoured of it). Surprising the variety in what people are comfortable with!

    xx Dee

  3. cunt is one of those words I reserve for people that really piss me off. I find it quite vulgar.