Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Top Ten Greatest WTFSexFact Moments To Date In No Particular Order

1)  Tokio Hotel fans help WTFSexFacts reach 10,000 followers in it's first month. Somebody claiming to be the real Georg Listing emails us congratulating us on our success and saying he enjoys our tweets.

2)  50 Cent follows and unfollows us within 24 hours - possibly due to a certain tweet about a certain sex tape.

3) We get sent sex toys in exchange for a tweet mentioning a sex toy website.

4)  Three iphone Sex Fact Apps begin using our tweets without giving us credit for our research.

5)  'Happy Days' star Scott Baio corrects part of one of our facts concerning the loss of his virginity.

6)  Our female WTFSexFacts member has the mother of all fights with a feminist activist, resulting in us unfollowing and blocking her.

7)  A certain A-List celebrity, who shall not be named, tells us we are 'better than Google' for finding things.

8)  Twitter add us to their TopTweets and remove us when it starts to attract attention.  Twitter also refuse us a 'Verified Account'.

9)  A certain internet celebrity, who shall not be named, asks our gay WTFSexFacts team member out on a date.

10) WTFSexFacts does the 'Blue Waffle', 'Lemon Party' and 'That's Not Sexy' prank on 15,000 people getting followed and unfollowed by many because of it.


  1. I was really hoping my shake weight link or vegan sex toys link would make the top 10 but I'm still happy to have been retweeted and recommended by you guys.

  2. Hm, I must've missed the fight with the feminist, and I usually check the Twitter feed daily, oops. =)
    On to the next ten remarkable moments!

  3. You could be qualified for a complimentary Apple iPhone 7.