Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sex Fact #528

More than 50% of ejaculations in porn films are faked using a variety of techniques.

The most common technique that men use is a very small tube, which they conceal with the palm of their hand.  The tube runs between their legs and has a squeezy pump on the other end full of liquid made mainly of egg white that resembles semen.  They either squeeze the pump themselves or somebody behind them does.  You don't see the tube, because most porn stars, at the point where they are ejaculating, have pulled out and are masturbating.

Though it is more than possible for women to ejaculate, porn films, are known to use water-based douches, which they will introduce between takes.  One of the most common types of porn film that specialises in the fake female ejaculation is the 'fucking machine' films where women are shown being penetrated by a motorized dildo and appearing to explode like burst pipe, thus giving men the impression that, both, a machine will satisfy a woman more than them and that to really satisfy a woman you need to penetrate them very hard.  The real give away with the 'fuck machine' porn clips is that these women seem to ejaculate with penetration alone and no stimulation of the clitoris.  The truth is that the dildo on the end of the 'fuck machine' is hollow and there is a tube runnign down the rod that attaches it to the motor, which is pumping water-based douch into them, slowly filling them.

The adult website 'PornFail' has a few good examples of faked ejaculations that have gone wrong.  Be warned though, as it features movie clips from actual porn films that some may find offensive.

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