Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sex Fact #521

You can actually buy a vibrating condom. That's right. The latest craze in condom world is vibrating condoms. America's #1 Vibrating Condom is 'The Pleasuring' a vibrating silicone ring that fits around a latex condom to add more sensation and excitement during lovemaking. Its miniature design fits securely at the base of the condom, emitting strong vibrations that provide exciting stimulation for both partners. It is powered by an ultra-light battery that is safely enclosed in a soft silicone shell. Being safe doesn't have to be boring.

'The Pleasuring' is a soft and stretchable to accommodate any size. It is beaded for increased comfort and grip, so it won't move around during intercourse. It is light, compact and portable. Easily fits in your purse or pocket.

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