Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Regarding The New Health Care Plan

I know it is now considered blasphemy to speak out against Obama, but I don't recall ever reading that passage in the Bible. I do recall reading something about 'Idolatry' though. But this is nothing to do with Obama.  We at WTFSexFacts work under the assumption that you could walk into a primary school, close your eyes, pick a child at random and that child could do the President's job.  The President's job, of course, is to make the American people look one way, while the people who really run America are in the opposite direction.  As the saying goes 'It doesn't matter who you vote for. The Government always gets in.'

Myself and the other members of the WTFSexFacts team, as journalists, have taken part in several debates on this health care issue.  We were originally defending it based on what the media was saying, but as we began trying to debunk those against it, we found ourselves gradually coming to it's critic's way of thinking instead.

One of the main problems that I have with it is that it has a zero-tolerance approach to employers not providing health care insurance.  Now, it's not that I think employers shouldn't provide health insurance.  Of course, they should.  What it is about is the timing.  Put this current health care agenda in context of the economy crisis, which has got even the big businesses dropping like flies.  This health care reform came in on the tail coats of promises that they would give business owners some needed relief (such as in taxes and mandates) to make it more affordable.  They're now saying, with the current economic climate, that this won't happen.  So, no relief.  Add to this the rapidly rising prices of health insurance and medical care in general.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of an employer.  Wouldn't it be a far easier option to just use the economy crisis as a reason to cut down on production and just lay everybody off thus avoiding having to pay the health care insurance?  This would only be the working class of course.

This happened in the UK when Temp workers were given equal rights to Permanent workers.  Sooner than pay the equal pay, etc, the companies just began phasing out the temps, because it was cheaper for them.

This is just one of the many problems we can see with it. Like I said: It's not about Obama.  I would have spoken out against it whoever were behind it.  I think it is a pretty mask on an ugly face.  I think it is like a President on the campaign trail.  Full of hope.  Full of promise. Until you vote him in.  Then you don't get quite what you signed on for.  Same shit.  Different asshole.


  1. First of all, it's not blasphemy to speak out against Obama. I voted for him but mostly just because I didn't want McCain. I actually had a preference for Clinton but I digress. It is not the president's job to just sit pretty and look good for the rest of the world. (If that were the case, I'm pretty sure Bush got a pretty big fat F as did many others.) The president's job is to be the executive branch. Some are weak, like Obama. They let people bully them around and spend too much time being everyone's friend. Then there are others like Andrew Jackson who flat out said "John Marshall has made his decision, let's see him enforce it." Granted Jackson wasn't doing a friendly thing but the point is that not all presidents sit on their hands the way Obama has. You could even turn to FDR for someone who did a lot in the executive branch. He pushed more legislation through than any other president.

    Furthermore to say it's the same shit, different asshole is bullshit. You are right in that there are greater forces at work than just the executive branch. It's mostly congress, something that rarely, rarely changes (look at how long a lot of them have been holding their seats), so obviously nothing new changes if there isn't a strong executive branch. May I just say "hurrdurr"? And no, that's no a defense of Obama. Like I said, so far, he's been a very worthless/lame duck president. It's a defense of the executive branch. And that's about my biggest bone to pick with what you've written here.

    Corporations are dirty and always will be. Do you really think employers wouldn't lay people off regardless of whether or not it's an economic slump? Naive if you don't. Even if we were in a booming economy, they would still find any and all excuses to lay off workers because that's just what they do. They'd rather outsource jobs than keep them here.

  2. Agreed with some of your points. There is a video on youtube, which is a collection of quotes from former Presidents and powerful people throughout history where they spell out that the Government has been owned by the financial institutions since the days of Andrew Jackson.

  3. Yes, you can just mention that you don't agree with Obama and be called a racist, or even Anti-American these days...
    John @ http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com

  4. Our gov't is owned by financial institutions. It's all about money. We are a capitalist nation, so it's always going to be the well-being of the rich over the poor. Stupid sad, and it's about time we change that.