Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sex Fact #508

Throughout history many sexual torture devices have been used to 'punish' people. Here are four of the worst:

The Breast Ripper

This device was used on many women condemned as heretics, adulterers and blasphemers. They had their breasts ripped out using this device.


The Judas Chair

The Judas Chair aka The Judas Cradle was a favourite of The Spanish Inquisition. Victims were hoisted up by rope or chain and then made to sit on the pointed tip of the pyramid shaped device.


The Pear

If you committed sodomy, adultery, incest, heresy, blasphemy or "sexual union with Satan" in Medieval Europe, the chances are, you would have got this device inserted into your mouth, rectum or vagina. There is a screw mechanism then makes its pointed “leaves” expand while inside any of those orifices, resulting in internal mutilation.


The Spanish Donkey

Another wonderful little number from the Spanish. The Spanish Donkey gave victims an unimaginably horrible ride, and here's why. Victims are put astride, naked, the apparatus, which is actually a vertical wood board with a sharp V-shape wedge on top. Varying weights are then attached to their feet. Eventually, the victim's own weight and the extra baggage cause the wedge to slice through their bodies, splitting them in half. 



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