Saturday, 27 February 2010

Making Money On Twitter. Our Little Competition Has A Winner!

You will notice over the last week that we at WTFSexFacts have been crash-testing all the current Twitter Ad companies. This was mainly for an article we were writing. We wanted to see how these Ad Platforms worked and whether or not you can actually make any money from using them.

People who complain about Ads on Twitter are in for a BIG SURPRISE, because Twitter is launching their own Ad Platform possibly by the end of March. It won't be long until it is a case of Free Twitter Account with Ads or Paid Twitter Account without Ads, and don't think for one minute that they haven't already experimented with Paid Twitter Accounts, because they have in China. This new official Ad Platform will become to Twitter what AdSense became to Blogger.

Now, after testing the current Ad Companies that pay you to Tweet, we have chosen our top three:


This is the best Twitter Ad Platform of the three, especially if you have under 1000 followers. This is because you don't have to wait around for the company to match you with an advertiser. The Ads are already on their website with their list updated with new Ads daily. You can start making money as soon as you register your account.

How Do I Make Money With REVTWT?

You register as a publisher at and add your Twitter account information.

Then you click 'Post Ads' which takes you to their list of Ads (All In Catagories). Each ad tells you how much they pay. You choose a Cost Per Click (CPC) ad and post it into your Twitter timeline. You then get paid the agreed price for each valid click, which means a real click from a real person and all clicks are audited.

How Do I Get Paid?

You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account once your earnings exceeed $20. They will pay you buy check, if you can't get a Paypal account.


Ad.Ly works very different to REVTWT. We were registered with Ad.Ly for two months. We've only started making money with them last week. I'm not sure if Ad.Ly is matching us with advertisers or if advertisers are registering with them because they want to advertise with us. But, after two months of nothing, suddenly we became popular and Ad.Ly automatically doubled the price of our tweets.

How Do I Make Money With Ad.Ly?

You register as a publisher at and add your Twitter account. then matches you to an advertiser. You are sent an email notifying you that you have an offer and tells you what the Advertiser is willing to pay and how many tweets they want. You then choose whether or not to accept or decline the Ad. If you accept, Ad.Ly automatically sends the tweet in your timeline.

You set the price per tweet that advertisers pay (their system will suggest a price for your account). It works out the more followers you have, the more money you get per tweet. You are not paid per click with Ad.Ly. You are just paid that one fixed price for the Tweet.

How Do I Get Paid? pays you your earnings for each campaign at the end of the month following the campaign completion date, once your balance is at least $50. For example, what you earn in April will be paid to you at the end of May. Payment via Paypal or Check.


Sponsored Tweets haven't placed an ads through us. To be honest, they only seem interested in the Verified Accounts that have signed up with them. Those celebrities, and non-celebrities that have managed to get a Verified Account, are advertised on the main page, pushing the non-verified accounts further down the queue. Each time we log in, it tells us our price per Tweet has increased, but there is never any offers.

How Do I Make Money With Sponsored Tweets?

You become a fucking celebrity and get a Verified Account on Twitter. Shouldn't be hard to do considering talent is no longer a requirement. No, seriously, to be fair, I think Sponsored Tweets is the most popular of all the Ad Platforms. I think they have more publishers than they do advertisers, so there isn't enough Ads to go round. To make money with them, I think you have to have at least a few thousand followers or stand out from the crowd to Advertisers.

To join, you register a publisher account at and add your Twitter account.

An Advertiser selects and makes an offer to a relevent Tweeter. The Tweeter writes a Tweet and includes a link to the Advertiser's website. Sponsored Tweets fascilitates the collecting of the money and the payment to the Tweeter. As with Ad.Ly, Sponsored Tweets suggests a price for you to charge per Tweet.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you accept an offer,, your account is credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can withdraw your money once your account reaches $50. Payment via Paypal or Check.


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