Sunday, 28 February 2010

Anti-Smoking Campaign Shocks With Oral Sex Reference

A series of avertisements in France, by the Non-Smokers' Rights Association, have caused controversy, because they show youths with a cigarette in their mouth, on their knees before an adult.

The Ads have the caption: "Smoking Means Being a Slave to Tobacco."

The anti-smoking group defended itself by saying:. "The first cigarette is often viewed as a rite of passage toward the adult world and an emancipation. The campaign seeks to reverse that impression and make people aware that smoking isn't a defiance of authority, but instead a sign of submission and naiveté — a behavioral, psychological and physical submission to an addictive drug that will control their acts, dirty their bodies and cost them dearly."


  1. why contriversal? Smoking will stunt your growth and may lead to a talking to from an authority/person in a suit T)

  2. Well, critics of the Ad campaign said is was almost 'pedophilic', believe it or not. But I totally agree with you. Sometimes you have to present the hard truth, excuse the pun, to get a message through to people.