Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sex Fact #61

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt in the 1st century B.C., was widely renowned for her sexual skills. It wasn't even particularly scandalous, but quite fitting with the prevalent mores. See, in addition to being queen, Cleo was the High Priestess of Aset. Aset is another name for the goddess Isis. Becoming a high priestess had the requirement of having had sexual intercourse with a thousand different men. That would normally take a while, but it is said that Cleopatra did so in 10 days. The sacred rituals a priestess would carry out would often involve sex. One often went to the temple to have sex because it was seen as life-affirming, and sex was seen as bringing you closer to the gods.

One thing Cleopatra particularly was renowned for was her fellatio skills. On one occasion she is recorded as having performed fellatio on one hundred Roman noblemen in one night. That was not only accepted by the Egyptian people but applauded by them.

Cleo is thus the most famous fellatrice in history. You know, a fellatrice is a woman, often a prostitute, who specializes in the art of fellatio - blow jobs. She was also called various other things by her contemporaries. The Greeks called her "Merichane" (Gaper), as in "she who gapes wide for ten thousand men" or "the wide-mouthed one" or "the ten-thousand mouthed woman" or "the great swallower".

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