Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sex Fact #26

These Songs Are All About Prostitution: Blondie 'X Offender'; The Who 'Trick Of The Light'; Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side'; Arctic Monkeys 'When The Sun Goes Down'; Elton John 'Sweet Painted Lady'; The Police 'Tea In The Sahara'; Rancid 'Tenderloin'; Australian Crawl 'The Boys Light Up'; Bob Seger 'The Fire Down Below'; Kyuss 'Thong Song'; Randy Travis 'Three Wooden Crosses'; Iron Maiden '22 Acacia Avenue'; Ramones '53rd & 3rd'; Sailor 'A Glass Of Champagne'; Cher 'A Woman's Story'; Jacques Brel 'Au Suivant'; Steeley Dan 'Babylon Sisters'; Donna Summer 'Bad Girls'; Panic At The Disco 'Build God, Then We'll Talk'; Blondie 'Call Me'; Bruce Springsteen 'Candy's Room'; Iron Maiden 'Charlotte the Harlot'; Jethro Tull 'Cross-Eyed Mary'; Fair To Midland 'Dance Of The Manatee'; Hall & Oates 'Family Man'; Reba McEntire 'Fancy'; The Velvet Underground 'Femme Fatale'; Bob Dylan 'Fourth Time Around'; The Zutons 'Freak'; Motley Crue 'Hell On High Heels'; The Rolling Stones 'Honky Tonk Woman'; Iron Maiden 'Hooks In You'; Nick Gilder 'Hot Child In The City'; My Chemical Romance 'I Don't Love You'; Queen 'Killer Queen'; Labelle 'Lady Marmalade'; Donovan 'Lalena'; Cole Porter 'Love For Sale'; The Doors 'Maggie M'Gill'; The Beatles 'Maggie Mae'; Genesis 'Mama'; Quarterflash 'Night Shift'; Al Stewart 'Old Compton Street Blues'; Al Stewart 'Pretty Golden Hair'; Tina Turner 'Private Dancer'; Rammstein 'Pussy'; Garbage 'Queer'; Guns N' Roses 'Rocket Queen'; The Police 'Roxanne'; Sade 'Smooth Operator'; Joan Osborne 'St. Teresa'.

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