Monday, 25 January 2010

How To Make Money Tweeting

I made a passing comment on Twitter about the amount of 'OMG' accounts that are appearing, saying that people were using the name popularized by 'OMGFacts' as a shortcut to having a lot of followers so that they can make money. I have recieved MANY replies, mainly DMs asking how it is possible to make money from Tweeting. Here, as promised, is my blog entry about it.

Most people were shocked when I told them Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 per Tweet using the company, but it is true and was widely reported in the mainstream press.

We at WTFSexFacts are also registered with You won't have noticed any ads in our Twitter stream because we haven't accepted any offers. We registered with them originally just to find out how it works. is a new Twitter advertising network that inserts ads once per day into your Twitter stream. They seek your approval for each ad before they automatically post it. Because they work off a quality score, a user with a few hundred real followers could easily make more money than a robot with thousands of followers that is ignored by all of them.

Our referal link to Ad.Ly's website is at the bottom of this entry and also on the side and along the bottom of the blog itself.

When you register with Ad.Ly, they suggest a price per Tweet and you also get paid per click. I think the price they advise is about $1 per 250 followers, but that is your fixed price. You then get so much per click on top of that.

Setting up an Ad.Ly account is as simple as setting up a Twitter account. It may take some time for them to match you to an ad company, but the mainstream media is predicting that nearly every major company in the world will soon start advertising through Twitter as it is the internet equivalent of 'word-of-mouth' promotion.

Twitter is also planning to experiment with the idea of you having to pay to see certain people's Tweets. I believe on the Chinese Twitter some of the locked accounts of celebrities, etc charge a small fee for you to be able to follow them.

This is our Ad.Ly referral link:

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